Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pearly Gates?

I'm into music of a variety, and surly it's one's nature to like one or the other.  I find that there are many different names placed on musical instruments, as well.  Now, if you look at a  seymour duncan pearly gates  I'm wondering what you would expect of it?  Would it be a guitar that you were looking for?  There's plenty to choose from if you click the link in this post.  Do some shopping on this one and you'll find great deals.

It's Gone

Lately, I've been shopping for another car.  What kind and where doesn't seem to be the problem, but when you get stuck on a certain type or brand and everywhere you look, there's one in your face.  Well, it comes to the point that it's the type you want.
I saw a car parked at the side of one of our local streets.  It was for sale and would  have been one I could have made do with.  When I finally decided to stop and check the price of it, the damn thing was gone.  Waited too long and someone else got the deal.  Story of my stupid life!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cases and Covers

Travel is a must for performing musician's, who regularly tour and give the audiences a show.  The need to protect instruments and sound systems, is also a must.  You can't just throw your expensive instruments around the storage areas of a plane, train or bus without needed cases and covers to protect them for hazards of travel.  I suggest shopping the  Odyssey Cases  online store for such needs and get your price to fit your budget.


They say that you need to rev up your metabolism to burn those unwanted "love handles".  I wish it were only the love handles, that need to be burned.  I have a butt that is cresting on being able to sit a plate on.  The legs and thighs don't leave must to get excited about either.
Recently, I began noticing certain ways of making the metabolism work for me.  I did research about the use of protein, along with exercise.
Now, being my age, you know that I can't get out there on the floor and do that fast "cardio" stuff you see in videos.  So, I searched for something more to my style and body's needs.  Starting off slow and building with each routine, was the idea.
I see nothing at present because I haven't really gotten the routine down as yet and haven't been sticking to the efforts, needed for success.  My goal is to work up to that part, slowly! ")

Online Vacationing

Do you ever think of  getting away from it all and just enjoying a few days at a cozy retreat?  I know I do and I'm sure many of you do as well.  The thought of having a special time alone with someone you care for or with friends, is heart warming. 
There are many online store fronts which offer this way of having some fun.  You can look at the  Cozy Winters Review  that they give and if the ideas listed give you a good yearning to go, then check into this further and get more information for this special event.

Winter Days

What a beautiful sunny morning.  It's one of those days that the world looks so perfect.  The temps are not what we would like, but what can you expect of winter days?  Yesterday, being one of the "weekend days", was cloudy and cold.  It seems to happen this way on a weekend and during the work week the days are sunny and nice. 
Texas, has had a very weird winter, this year at the very start.  It ended 2015, with a bang of weather's blast.  We don't relish another holiday like the last one and hope that type of weather stays away from now on.
Our house seems to be colder on the inside than it is when you go outdoors.  Now, how can that be?  I suppose the insulation is not what we need for protection from the cold.  Yet, you would think, that if it's nice and warm outdoors, it would be the same inside?  Understand that one.


I can see the need to find a better way of handling the cabinet drawers.  When they get off the slide and get hung on you, it seems as though the whole contents will fall on the floor before you can get it loose.  You need to  learn more  about the different slides for your cabinet drawers and how to install them.  Click on the link in this post and see the sizes needed for your cabinets.  Upgrade your home and find freedom from sticky drawers.

Our Holiday's

We've come and gone through the holiday's, which gave us a disaster among other things.  The weather hit hard on December 26th, and left the North Texas area in devastation from several tornadoes.  Many lost their lives along with properties and personal possessions.  It was a holiday to remember for our area, and one that won't be forgotten for many years.
The clean up has begun and the people affected have looked for ways to maintain, now that they must start over.  Now, that 2016 has begun, we look to a better year, with hopes of a good future.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Everyone loves to gather around someone playing a guitar and sing along.  You've been there I'm sure and it's very enjoyable.  The person shopping for a  6 string  guitar, can locate just about any design, brand and accessories to make a good buy.  You can click on the above link to do that type of shopping, and make it a special Christmas gift for someone.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dale Jr. Muscle Machines, 67 Nova

This is ready for your purchase, on Ebay.......Some lucky person can receive this for Christmas, this year.

For more information on this 67 Nova, go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/131653145332?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
 and look at the items I have listed on my ebay page.

Make a lucky boy or man happy to open this present.  Buy now, and have it ready for the Christmas Tree.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


You see all these articles, about "What it means to be Black", "What it means to grow up in a Ghetto".  Then there's the other articles that leave out what it means to be "White" in America.  I'm sure this will stir up some strife where I'm concerned, but hell, tell it like it is!
Being white in America, means you are the last one to get a decent job.  It means you get left out when other "races" get special treatments.  It means you work for the other people while your children are doing without.  You are expected to be legal in every aspect and the other's get what you can't.  Their not legal, and most of them don't have jobs.  They are drawing the money that we are paying into the government while we get nothing.  I'm wondering how the middle class can carry such a heavy weight?  Where do you see being "white" an asset, when it comes to living around people who don't respect the fact that you work, pay taxes and they don't?  Do you consider it fair to work your whole life and not have anything to show for?
That's what's happening to the "white's" in America!  Their being left out of what is rightfully theirs!
The dope dealers don't care!  They drive around in their nice expensive vehicles, live in big fancy homes and still draw welfare off the government.  Just go to your county hospital's and have a look at the long lines.  Go to your "Human Resources" offices or your Social Security offices and see what the "white's" see.  Even more so, go to your Post Office's on Friday's and Saturday's and see the lines sending money out of the country.  A certain large grocery/department store chain even gives them the benefit's of sending money out of the country.
Maybe, I'm being a bit hard core, but facts are facts and we are the one's suffering.  Don't even think about what the elderly go through!  That's another story!


I want to congratulate all of the American governmental officials, in their decisions to change the laws of our nation.  As predicted, we have changed our nation and what it stands for, into a joke!  Just look at the "wackos" that are roaming around with guns killing innocent people!  Where do you think our younger generation got these ideas?  Down through the year's you've taken "God" out of our schools, changed the moral standards, and given our land over to alien criminals who hate us.The country that they are robbing of financial benefits and freedoms that it's own citizens can't obtain.
Today, we live in a country where it's ok to walk into a public place and start shooting with assault rifles and hand guns.  Years ago, when the law to be able to protect ourselves was made, there was no consideration of this activity.  Our leaders, considered that "all the American people" loved their country, and considered life to be sacred.  If you look very long at our history, you will see the decline of our moral standards and ways of life.  Here we are in this mess and it's our own faults!  Keep changing our nation, and see what happens!

In correct?

I took my Biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were not the correct answers. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Those Days?

Ever have one of those days, where every game or effort you make falls flat of 2nd place?

  It's been that way all day, where I play my "TX Holdem", and I'm talking 500,000 buy-in's on chips.  I've lost the last 3 games and it's not looking good this time either........damn it!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catalog Shopping

Since 1996, this company has been in the business of finding to most popular and desired catalog's on the market.  They can get you going and  They make a catalolog for anything you can imagine  from sporting goods, travel, clothing, and many other subjects, which I haven't the knowledge to mention.  Should you just want to get on a mailing list, this is the place to research. 
There's the business side of this website, as well.  Want to list your business in one or more of the catalog's?  They've got just the right one's for you and plenty of assistants to guide you through your selections.  Why, go through the drudgery of searching for each and every subject of interest, when this website and get it all for you in a matter of minutes.  Click in the link above and see what I'm talking about.  You'll find a whole new world and fall right into a great trend that's waiting for you, online.