Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Damn Idiots

It takes a low life person or persons, to do what they did in Boston this week.  I can't figure how our world has gotten so out of hand?  Who do these idiots think they are?  Who died and made them God?  I'm so tired of this crap happening over and over again.  Killing off innocent people doesn't make you have balls.  Your not a great person, to do this sort of thing.  Go somewhere and dig a hole, then if you have the guts and balls, bury yourself, alive.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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What a Mess

I always have a hard time getting into a new relationship.  It's as if you never know what's going to happen from date to date.  Depending on the mood of the other person, you just can't win sometimes.  Learning all the things pro and con about an individual is the pits.  Man, just when you think you've got a good idea about who they are, they drop a bomb right into your lap.  How the hell are you supposed to develop a love relationship, when one is always acting crazy?  Damn!