Monday, September 15, 2014


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Local Cleaning?

What area of the world do you live in?  It's true that there are many areas that aren't as habitated as our American soil.  Finding help with your household cleaning is sometimes a hassle when trying to find a local service.  You can go online and look for a  housecleaning service  by location.  Just look at all the easy tips you can get when searching online.


You see all these articles, about "What it means to be Black", "What it means to grow up in a Ghetto".  Then there's the other articles that leave out what it means to be "White" in America.  I'm sure this will stir up some strife where I'm concerned, but hell, tell it like it is!
Being white in America, means you are the last one to get a decent job.  It means you get left out when other "races" get special treatments.  It means you work for the other people while your children are doing without.  You are expected to be legal in every aspect and the other's get what you can't.  Their not legal, and most of them don't have jobs.  They are drawing the money that we are paying into the government while we get nothing.  I'm wondering how the middle class can carry such a heavy weight?  Where do you see being "white" an asset, when it comes to living around people who don't respect the fact that you work, pay taxes and they don't?  Do you consider it fair to work your whole life and not have anything to show for?
That's what's happening to the "white's" in America!  Their being left out of what is rightfully theirs!
The dope dealers don't care!  They drive around in their nice expensive vehicles, live in big fancy homes and still draw welfare off the government.  Just go to your county hospital's and have a look at the long lines.  Go to your "Human Resources" offices or your Social Security offices and see what the "white's" see.  Even more so, go to your Post Office's on Friday's and Saturday's and see the lines sending money out of the country.  A certain large grocery/department store chain even gives them the benefit's of sending money out of the country.
Maybe, I'm being a bit hard core, but facts are facts and we are the one's suffering.  Don't even think about what the elderly go through!  That's another story!