Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Considering all the equipment used to get a gig going on stage, I think the electronic industry has gone wild.  You see all these different accessories that adapt or accompany the units and wonder which one will work best with your budget?  When searching online for quality equipment, there is the  hybrid audio  interface, that can be considered as part of your purchase.  This website will give you the information you are interested in and show you more quality items as well.

This Mess?

So, it's come to this, the nation is in the middle of a deluge of Presidential candidates?  How, many do you think will get eliminated in the first round?  I'm sure the financial situation with cause a few to bite the dust before long.  One we won't have to worry about having the financial backing is Mr. Trump!  He's well set financially and that means a long hard fought battle, with him right in the middle of things.
I'm up for discussion......who do you think will win?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dance Duffles

How cool to have your own  personalized dance duffles to carry your shoes, towels and change of clothing.  This website personalizes your bag so you can find it right where it belongs.  Hopefully, you will have a locker to place your bag in to save any of those problems.  Everyone will be envious and want one of their own.  Order yours today, at the link in this post.