Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lost It Again

I can't figure it out?  Where the hell did I put my jewelry?  I had a few beers and walke through the house when I came home that day doing the usual undressing I do.  The shoes come off, the pursed gets set down by them, the bra comes off and so on.  This time it didn't work out that way, somehow?  I remember going to the kitchen and getting another beer from the fridge, but when I took off the watch and rings and where is a mystery..  I'm still looking but not as intense as I was.  Not going to have a coronary over them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

What To Do?

Today is the start of something I'm ready to get done and out of the way.It's taken way too long for the government and the doctor's to get their act together.  Now, I'm almost blind and they are finally working together to get the surgeries going.  I am so ready to have my sight back, because I've started loosing things here in my home.  Can't see well enough in this dark house to find much of anything.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In many lines of work the industry has to maintain the physical nature of many jobs.  Warehouse, construction and other labor jobs are some that will be found using g-tek gloves  for protection and safety. I have used such gloves when working in a warehouse and was thankful to have them during that grueling job.


The relationship starts off great and you think maybe this is one that's a keeper. Why does it have to slowly change as you two get to know each other?  Why does all the good things that happened while you were getting to know each other fade into yesterday?  Surely there can be a way to keep a spark of love and arousal alive.  It's just not fair to be enjoying a good thing and then have the good go bland.