Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fat Burners

There are too many diet products out there these days. I can see the markets full of diet this and that, trying to sell them to the public. Many obese people can get these products and try to help themselves. If they are committed to loosing weight, these fat burners are able to help. It always best to read reviews on these products and find out the pro's and con's about them. This website offers reviews about different diet pills and weight loss products.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Dies..............

FILE - In this Aug. 25, 1993 file photo, American pop star Michael ...

American pop star Michael Jackson performs during his 'Dangerous' tour in Bangkok. , the 13-time Grammy-winning musician and internationally known cultural icon, died in Las Angeles Thursday after falling into cardiac arrest. He was 50.

Paramedics rushed Thursday afternoon to Jackson' rented home in the tony neighborhood of Holmby Hills. Jackson couldn't be resuscitated on the scene and was taken to the UCLA Medical Center. Jackson arrived at the hospital in a coma and was pronounced dead at approximately 2:30 p.m., a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said.

Throngs of paparazzi, television journalists and fans swarmed the hospital's parking lot shortly after Jackson arrived. The crowds grew after news of his death broke out, clogging traffic around the hospital.

It was assumed that the pop singer would die one day, but not this soon.........Our sincere condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of the entertainer, or sent. May God, place his hand on all that survived............and my his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Candy Are You Ready for This One?

FILE - In this Oct. 24, 2006 file photo, North Korean ship, ...
U.S. military is tracking the ship that may be carrying illicit weapons, the first vessel monitored under tougher new United Nations rules meant to rein in and punish the Stalinst state after it conducted a nuclear test.
A North Korean-flagged vessel left the port of Nampo and was being trailed by a U.S. destroyer, a U.S. official said. It the first ship being monitored under the U.N. sanctions imposed earlier this month following North Korea's defiant underground nuclear test in May. With 1.2 million troops, North Korea's army is one of the world's largest. Some 180,000 are special operation forces.
Singapore, the world's busiest port and a top refueling center, said officials would "act appropriately" if asked to confront a North Korean ship believed to be carrying banned cargo. Singapore takes seriously the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery and related materials. The Kang Nam is expected to dock at Myanmar's Thilawa port, some 20 miles south of Yangon, in the next few days, according to some experts in the area.
I wonder what Candy Sheehan will do if this country starts attacking the US? Will she want our troops to stand by and do nothing, so as not to be killed? Who knows what she will come up with next?

Guns Sold to Names on Watch Lists.........

More than 800 gun purchases were approved after background checks in the last five years even though the buyers' names were on the government's terrorist watch list, investigators said Monday.

Being on the watch list is not among the nine factors, such as a felony conviction, that disqualify someone from buying a gun under federal law. More than 900 background checks between February 2004 and February 2009 turned up names on the watch list, and all but 98 were allowed to go through.

They say that over 400,000 people are on the list but some may be there for no reason. Investigations, may or may not get them removed from the list. No one will say for sure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Their Job

I'm supposed to leave it and let the other person take care of it............it's their job. My problem is that they don't take care of their job, and it falls back to me to play catch up and handle. So, why does the other person get so bent out of shape, when I take the reins and get the job done? If they wanted to take care of it in a timely manner, then it would have already been taken care of. I wouldn't be having to pick up the pieces and save the job as a last resort. I'm sure that if they felt that their job was in jeopardy, then they would get busy. Actually, if they keep this sort of actions up, their job will be gone. In today's world that's not something to take lightly. If you have a job, you'd better protect it as much as you can.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A dreaded disease that attacks the human body, and causes horrible results. How often have you heard someone tell of how they may have come in contact with a cancer causing chemical or fiber? This is one of the main problems that faces our world. We have too many companies, who aren't in compliance with the EPA codes and standards for operation. This in fact can place worker's and people living around them at risk of developing a form of mesothelioma . For more information about the disease and it's possible treatments, check out this website.

Political Bashing

I just can't get over this bashing and protesting that Candy Shehann, is doing. I wonder who she is trying to get the message to? It's certainly not the Bush's, they have no power in the American government, anymore. They aren't able to enact any laws or send anymore soldiers to war. Certainly, this lady has lost her prospective, if she thinks that the Bush's are now able to soothe her unhappiness. If she's really interested in carrying her message anywhere, it should to be the Office of President Obama. That's what she did when Bush was in office. If I'm correct, President Obama is sending troups to several different areas of the globe to enforce the protection against the Taliban. Now even North Korea is a threat to the US. I hope she gets a chance to realize that her son, isn't the only son that has been lost over there. I would rather she be proud of her son's efforts to do what so many other soldiers, have done to serve our country during times of war. Freedom isn't free........it comes with a price............9/11 happened........does she want these idiots to come back over here again?

Friday, June 5, 2009


I've wondered about this product and found that there are several reviews on it. In one nuphedra review it almost sounded as if the person, had actually taken the product. They said that Nuphedra gives a dose daily of Green Tea and Oolong tea, which are both anti-oxidant rich teas. They also spoke about other ingredients, which helps burn fat. Given this information I am ready to visit this website and read further.

AirBus Still Not Found

FILE - In this image dated April 2, 2008, released by French ...
This picture showing the manned submarine Nautileat an undisclosed location. The French research vessel The Pourquoi Pas, carrying search submarines, is heading from the Azores and will be in the search zone for the missing Air France plane by June 12. France's transportation minister Dominique Bussereau said Friday that French forces have found no signs of the Airbus A330 airplane that vanished over the Atlantic and urged 'extreme prudence' about suspected debris taken from the ocean.
I'm sure this has to be a terrible time for the families and friends of the victims. They haven't got any closure, and that makes for a rough time for coping with the deaths and missing family members.

Diets For You........

There are many diets to choose from and I'm thinking that many could be dangerous, if not check out first. You are certainly entitled to use a diet plan that you think will work for you. I suggest looking into the reviews at the website that has the best diet pills offered. Do you need to loose a few pounds or just tone up? I suggest contacting your doctor for the best information and then look at this website, for extra information when deciding.

Sad Information.........

Police told reporters that Carradine was found with a rope tied around his genitals and another rope around his neck. Authorities later said no suicide note was found in his room. Carradine may have died attempting a sex act known as auto-erotic asphyxiation, cutting off oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal. The practice is said to result in a form of giddiness and euphoria, similar to alcohol or drug intoxication, that enhances the sexual experience. If you hang yourself by the neck, you don't need so much pressure to kill yourself. Those who get highly sexually aroused tend to forget this fact. It's just a sad situation, that should have never happened. It shows how serious this type of hype is and what can result because of the practice. My condolences are sent to the family and friends, at such a sad time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Furniture Groups

Hello, there.........I want to introduce you to an outstanding online furniture sales department, located in the DFW area. It has great looking furniture that anyone would love to put in their new home or office. You can shop around at http://www.furnituregroups.com/ and check out all the different rooms available at great prices. I'm sure they will be able to help you with any purchase you are interested in making.

Father's Day

I guess if you really have to push this day on us, then we’ll take it. I don’t think it makes a father any more or any less, of one. I think it's just another day to push sales on products, so the companies, can make more money. I remember going to church on Sunday, on Father’s Day and all the hoop-la, they put on about it, to honor the father’s. Each father was given a rose at the door, to wear. If your dad, was alive then it was a red rose, dead, a white rose and the one who had the most children at church, was given a pink rose. Now my grandfather, got it most every year. So, for several years, he was able to wear the red rose, cause my great-grandpa, was still alive, until 1961. Almost made it to 100 years old. My grandfather usually had the most kids attend the service, so he got the pink rose too. Me I was just sitting there wondering, when it would all be over, so I could leave and go home and eat the food, we would fix for Father’s Day. Anyway, my kids were bouncing off the walls.
These days, things aren’t quite as extreme, and I sure am glad. Of course, I’m not sitting in the church pew, like I did back then. Traditions, have a way of changing down through the years.

What To Do..........

Recently, I put a boyfriend out and told him not to come back, because of circumstances that I didn't want to tolerate anymore. He's been gone a month and today is his birthday...........I asked the opinion of my sister about what to do.............she told me to act like I forgot............and not even make the effort, otherwise he might think he had a chance to come back...........hmmmmmmm. Well, I've considered that and still I realize that I would feel bad if someone didn't remember my birthday.........he was very good to remember the little things and act upon them. I feel that I was callus enough to send him packing. I really am having a tough time with this decision.......lol.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby On The Way?

Do you have a baby on the way? Maybe you have a newborn, and you want to tell all your family and friends about it. You can find some really great birth announcements at this website and get the job done in no time. I'm sure if you look around you will find exactly the type of format your wanting to announce your little one's arrival. Check them out today, and get more information.

It's A Deal.......

Hey, I like this blog.........it has all the nice colors for the font's and I can write any way I want too. I'm limited on my other blogs, and it's a pain to have the same font day after day. To me that has no way of showing your expressions, on a daily basis. This free blog, gives that and more. I'm sure the time will come when I convert over to this blog totally.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Blog

I recently received some reprimands from a certain website that says, I'm not supposed to write things that are against subjects or other people. This is my gripe blog, so how then can I write how I feel about certain things, if they are not acceptable to a certain website? I wonder if I should have even submitted this blog to that website for their approval? I surely would be able to write the way I meant this blog to be if I had kept it to only a comfortable few.