Friday, June 26, 2015


I've notice the advancement of products in the music world.  It seems more and more companies are developing unique brands of instruments.  The  cremona violin  listed in the link here, is no exception.  Those of you in the music world will be more acquainted with this brand of violin.  I will need a good look at the website to inform myself about it's qualities.  If your interested in this brand, then look under the link posted here and shop freely.

What Would George.......

SAME SEX MARRIAGE????????????  
What would George Washington.......say???????????

Thursday, June 25, 2015


You could say I was just about spitting "nails", this morning when I looked at my "Paypal" account..  For two days in a row, it has been hacked by assholes who prey upon unsuspecting people online.  This has caused me plenty of anxiety because of the financial situation I am limited to each month.  Living on "Social Security" income has become a way of life, since I am now considered a "senior citizen".  Therefore, there is limited cash flow each month to survive on and I find myself working for crumbs from websites to get extra cash.  This has left me wide open to these online hacker assholes.  Now, I don't even have trust in the one place I felt safe.  It's not their fault that I became lax with my personal information.  Yet, I considered them to be a safe place to transfer my monies.  I'm very pissed at the assholes who hacked my account.  If I knew who you were, I would file criminal charges against you and make your life as full of hell as mine has been in the last two days.  You would not get access to another computer the rest of your mean life.  Asshole!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I got hacked this morning, by 3 different sites.  They hit my "Paypal" account and then sent a debit to one of my bank accounts.  This was to the amount of $400 when I caught it.  So, watch out and keep a close look on your emails and financial accounts!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I wonder.....how many of you are as tired of this crap of racial rioting, shootings, looting, arson's, police attacks and other happenings as I am?  
How much more are we the American people going to deal with?  This shit is getting out of hand and you know it!  Next time it may be your child, father, mother, brother, sister or someone you don't even know.  Still, if the crap keeps up, there most certainly will be a next time, repeatedly.  You can't even drive down the road in peace, without fear of pissing someone off and getting involved in "road rage" traps.  This world we're living in is going to hell fast!  Damn it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Man, what a bunch of crap!  I play TX Holdem on a certain website/network and some days it just doesn't pay to get on it.  I can have a good hand and I'll be damned if someone won't come up with one better.  So, I get over on the "Sit N Go" table where you can control the amount you anti, and maybe it will be better????  What was I thinking?  Just one of the days where I shoot myself in the foot on almost every hand!  I sure am glad it's not real money I'm using!  I'd be broke before the second hand came around.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You Tell Me?

Here He/She Is....


Give me a  f   king break..........this damn man needs attention so bad he has a sex operation and now they are making him out to be beautiful as well?  What the hell is wrong with this world, today?  I can't believe what you expect our children who will grow up tomorrow, to think about how life is supposed to be lived.  Role models have gone down the drain, with everything else.