Thursday, October 27, 2016

Got What He Needed

I saw on one of the local social network, where one of the clown dudes, got the lesson he needed, for the fun, he was giving.  It seems he was approaching a guy, who wasn't someone interested in his crap.  When the clown, wouldn't back off and leave the guy alone, the unhappy person, pulled out his hand gun, and pistol whipped, this stupid clown.  Needless, to say, the clown, took off running, before he got his ass shot....... lol good for the guy with the gun.

Power Amp Tubes

 I'm not sure what these items are supposed to do, but it's a good bet that hey enhance the sound through your amps.  The  power amp tubes  are made available at the website, listed under the link above.  Shopping for your accessories, in the music stores, is quite a trip.  You can find everything by just going online, to this website, and looking at their wide array of merchandise.  Check them out for all your needs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


If it's not one thing it's, we have "clowns" who are moving around in neighborhoods, and schools with the intent to scare or disrupt school activities.  These idiots, are actually trying to use scary tactics, with the weapons, they carry along.  Some just stand around with their masks on, and grab attention, by passing motorists.
It started a few weeks ago, when reports of these characters, looming in woods nearby homes, in another state, trying to lure children into those woods.  God only knows what for?  Either way, this started the trend, and it being this close to Halloween, made things even worse.  I hope once this holiday is over, the clowns, will be over as well.