Monday, July 27, 2015


I want to congratulate all of the American governmental officials, in their decisions to change the laws of our nation.  As predicted, we have changed our nation and what it stands for, into a joke!  Just look at the "wackos" that are roaming around with guns killing innocent people!  Where do you think our younger generation got these ideas?  Down through the year's you've taken "God" out of our schools, changed the moral standards, and given our land over to alien criminals who hate us.The country that they are robbing of financial benefits and freedoms that it's own citizens can't obtain.
Today, we live in a country where it's ok to walk into a public place and start shooting with assault rifles and hand guns.  Years ago, when the law to be able to protect ourselves was made, there was no consideration of this activity.  Our leaders, considered that "all the American people" loved their country, and considered life to be sacred.  If you look very long at our history, you will see the decline of our moral standards and ways of life.  Here we are in this mess and it's our own faults!  Keep changing our nation, and see what happens!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I was just thinking about the upcoming election for President of this USA!  Have you noticed the amount of contenders already jumping into the race?  Will there be enough votes to go around, when they get through?  What about the "electoral votes"?  Will they get stretched from one to another?  I have a bad feeling about this coming race!  "Mess", won't even sum up what this is going to turn out to be.  I was just wondering???????????

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AMERICA John Wayne Style

This is Actor John Wayne's idea of America.......

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This weekend we honor such brave men and women who serve our country on behalf of it’s people and government.  To all the brave soldier's who have served, are serving and are no longer with us, we the American people………say…….Thanks!
Today, America pauses to remember our military, both present and past.  It is our honor to have had your service and devotion..... May our Lord be with you always…….
EAGLE FLAG Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy 4th

Remembering our freedom reasons......

Remember on the 4th

Once again I post this in remembrance and hope this is a part of what our 4th of July festivities will contain?