Thursday, August 30, 2012

He's Just Not Right

What can you do when someone just won't let up on meeting you?  I've tried my best to be nice to this person, who is on one of the dating sites.  He has almost pushed my last button, because of the type of date he wants.  I'm not going to jump in the sack with a guy on the first date.  Neither am I going to be necking with him especially if he's not sparking my fancy.  I believe the first date if at all, should be a "get to meet and  know things"  type of date.  Why do idiots online think they have an inside key to your ideas or ways?  I will have to delete this person, or report him, if he keeps up this begging for sex.  LOL

Online Dating?

Have you actually made a date from one of these sites?  I did find it a fun thing to do, back several years ago, when all this was first coming into light.  I wasn't fascinated by the person, and even cringed when I saw him in person.  Yet, I gave him an honest chance to prove my first sight doubts.  It was with relief that I made my way to my car later that evening and left for my apartment.  I never went back, never returned his calls or emails because I didn't wish to pursue it further.  I had a decent evening, meeting him and visiting with him, but wasn't ready to jump as fast as he was encouraging into the type of relationship he was wanting.  . 

Friday, August 24, 2012


Man, I just went a bought a new propane tank yesterday for the grill and I hooked it up.  Guess I wasn't as strong as I thought I was.  Had to go back outside and put some muscle on the connection before the gas would come out.  But I got it working now, and that's what matters.  I can have grilled chicken for dinner, yes!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Is everybody getting old?  I just saw where actress "Shelly Long" from "Cheers" is turning 63 today.  It's really something to see these people after the years have gone by.  It's hard to realize that the year's have gone by that fast.  I see actors and actresses looking like death and realizing that I'm not far behind them.  With her, I'm actually ahead of her.......damned!

Ya Don't Say.........

As a new, young MD doing his residency in OB.
I was quite embarrassed when performing female
pelvic exams...To cover my embarrassment
I had unconsciously formed a habit of whistling softly.
The middle-aged lady upon whom I was performing this
exam suddenly burst out laughing
and further embarrassing me.
I looked up from my work and sheepishly said.  . .
'I'm sorry. Was I tickling you?'
She replied with tears running down
her cheeks from laughing so hard . . .
' No doctor but the song you were whistling was . . .
' I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener .' 


If you remember seeing futuristic movies, where they would show cars of the future, then you are ready for this option.  The  dashboard product  this link shows you is about having  data at your finger tips and being able to change your settings to give alerts and such.  The younger generation will fall right into this pattern of auto expertise.  As for my age group it will take an electronic's expert to know what's going on with the dashboard product.

A Bar?

I recently found out that there are certain bars, lounges, and such here in the Dallas area that don't adhere to certain guidelines.  Now, if it's a bar, then why are small children, brought in there and subjected to the loud cussing, foul vulgar language, drinking and drunks?  Why does the owner's let these people bring these babies and small children in there in the first place?  What will they do if a fight erupts and one of the babies gets hurt?  It's a well known thing that fights break out in bars, because people can't handle their liquor and emotions while drinking.  Small children shouldn't be in a bar, period!  When will the bartender's stand up and put an age limit on children allowed in bars?  Maybe the city ordinances should pass a law, actually I suppose that would be the State of Texas.


I've been enjoying the cool weather we've had since the rains came.  As usual here in Texas, the hot weather is returning and giving us the horrible humidity.  This goes with any rain we may get here in our areas.  Texas is notorious for this type of thing and I'm just glad the weather wasn't too rough.  The storms have been reeking havoc on the north central areas of our fine state.  Still we are thankful for the rain, because most of the nation is in a awful drought.

Medical Carts

These medical carts come with every hospital, clinic and other health related businesses.  You can see them going down the halls on each hospital floor.  The  medical computer carts  are set up with all the things necessary for that certain floor and the procedures needed.  You also see the "crash carts" when a person goes into arrest and needs to be resuscitated. 


Well, I'm sure that they are ready for the move and as long as they keep moving right on out to the area they have projected, that's fine.  I've gotten to the cranky old age where I don't like being around small loud screaming kids.  It's just something that grates on my inner nerves.  My children say, no mom you just don't like children in any form.  My option is to alienate my family members and be alone or put up with the crap until I can safely remove myself.  Either that or they finally get the message and go somewhere else.  I'm just not able to stand the crap anymore.  I lay the fault off on getting old set in my ways thing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm sure you've seen this type of decor in the Texas areas.  The homes of farmers, rancher's and other country living people.  The decor has a laid back feeling with the warmth of the in and outdoors appeal.  You can find rustic furniture  to compliment your decor when you go online to do a search.  Most often the online stores will offer sale items and more than half the original price.


I spent the night a family members home and was doing my damnest to stay warm.  She like to have froze my arse off and I don't mean maybe.  I was wrapped up in a blanket most of the time I was there.  You see, they keep the air on even when it's cool outdoors.  I'm right the opposite and that makes thing a bit uncomfortable when I visit their home.  I can say, that they fed me well with steak, baked potato and a great salad.  Other than freezing, it was a good time had by me, anyway. 


 There's always a need for stands or mounts when you have audio equipment.  You need to be able to have  audio racks  for firm support when your equipment is sitting in areas with lots of traffic.  Depending on the size and amps it becomes necessary to support the output they can exert.  You may want to shop for good specials and keep your expenses down.


I have yet to understand Texas weather and I've lived here all my life.  The saying goes "if you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait awhile cause it will change".  How true that is, because here we are in the middle of August and the temperature is only 80*degrees in the DFW areas.  Can you imagine what it was last year on this day?  Triple digits were hitting high marks last year and our electric bills were horrible.


 I have occasion to find that readers from Canada come to this blog, so I will try and give them information that may help them.  You see there are property developments that are needed such as  steel buildings canada  which can give you the correct type of buildings for your needs.  Canada's winters are much colder, so they need materials which will hold up through the hard winters.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


They say on Facebook that there's a film out about the year  2016 and what we can expect to be happening in our America by then, if certain turns of event don't happen in this election.  I wonder is there really anything that can help us now?  We've gotten ourselves in deep shit and there's no shovels big enough to dig us out.  America, is in trouble and we have only ourselves to blame for the things we've allowed to go on in our country.  What will become of us?  Hell, your guess is as good as mine.  I wonder what that film or documentary consists of, because I saw where one family had gone to the movies and viewed it.  They weren't too pleased with what they saw, and were very saddened.  I truly hope America can save herself before it's too late.

Texas Heat?

I doubt that with the heat we've been having one would need a pool heater.  I've seen pools in the spring and fall which had the steam coming up from them.  So, that would mean they were warm from a heater.  As with anything you use often, there comes the time when part wear out.  You can find raypak pool heater parts  to replace and repair the parts on your pool heater. 

Hang On

Oops, hang on the coffee is getting cool, got to go warm it up.  Feeling like my eyes and brain are still not up to par as yet.  Be right back with more of my rants and gripes to amuse your day.  Gosh, I'd better be careful.  I might say something funny.


 Why did I even ask this boy what he wanted for his birthday?  I should have know that he wanted a football gift  to show spirit for his favorite NFL team.  I know you can relate, if you have a sports fanatic in your family.  It's all part of the season and the fun that these people get caught up in.  I suppose it would be alright, except the stuff has a price tag that's outrageous.


Not only is she black, but she's rotten.  I can't believe that she wants to be outside, but when the rain starts she's ready for the door.  Yesterday, she sat right by the back door meowing until I let her in.  What did she do when she came in?  Went straight to the litter box and relieved herself.  It must have been to wet outdoors for her to go relieve herself.  Man, I don't believe this damned cat.


I live next door to two nurses.  One lives on one side of me and the other lives on the other side of me.  I believe a CNA lives about 3 doors down from me on the other side of the street.  As you can tell there are several in my living area who can benefit from discount scrubs  and other medical accessories.  I'm sure with the technology that's around, they have found a way to get great deals on their scrubs.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Across The Street

The woman across the street is a nosy busy body.  Actually she does it from a distance, so I suppose I should count my blessings.  She sits on her front porch, smoking her cigarettes and watching everything that goes on in the area.  Lets just say, she sees things you really don't care for her to see, but then she sees things you don't want her to see.  My back can feel her eyes, and then my ears can feel her opinions.  She's just a distance pain in the ass that burns your ass.  Oh well, at least she sees things that are going on in the area and that's a good thing, I guess.


I went outside to move the car around under the shade to protect the dash from the heat.  When I came back in, I started sneezing.  Not one time but a bunch of times.  That storm last night definitely stirred up something out there.  It's got my head all messed up.  It doesn't take much to mess up this head.


Have you ever been the victim of identity theft?  If you have then you know how horrible it can be.  There's a thing going around now, where they can walk up beside you with this unit they have and steal your information from your credit cards.  Darn it how is it that we just keep falling into these traps?  Anyway, they say that  rfid credit card  protection, can say the day.

Man, What Now?

Have you ever been in a compromising situation?  You know, the one where you don't want anyone to see.  It never fails that I find this type of thing happening to me.  Yes, there I stand with egg on my face looking someone directly in the eyes.  You bet they are laughing their ass off at me, cause that's what they do.  Well, hell..........if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

Now What?

Every time I turn around my youngest daughter is in some kind of trauma situation.  I really wish she would grow up and get her life going in the right direction.  I suppose there's one in every family, but damned you think they would learn after awhile?  I'm so very tired of always having to get this one out of jams.  I realize that I'm her mother, but sometimes, I wish her daddy hadn't died, cause he needs to take up some of this slack.

Friday, August 3, 2012


 The town where I live has a rule, which you must meet when putting a swimming pool or pond in your yard.  You must have a fence installed around the area for protection.  I suppose the chance of a small child falling in is the reason for the rule.  The  outdoor garden fountains   are very lovely and give us a feeling of tranquility that only a work of art like these can do.  I would love to have one, but I'm sure the city would give me fits with all the different permits I would have to meet and buy.

Legal Terms

I really have a hard time understanding the terms which the law and courts apply to each situation.  I know that there is a reason for each law to be made and enacted so I try to accept them and understand.  You often hear statements and listen to the underlying causes.  It's still an ongoing thing with the legal world, because of the way things change.