Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Bar?

I recently found out that there are certain bars, lounges, and such here in the Dallas area that don't adhere to certain guidelines.  Now, if it's a bar, then why are small children, brought in there and subjected to the loud cussing, foul vulgar language, drinking and drunks?  Why does the owner's let these people bring these babies and small children in there in the first place?  What will they do if a fight erupts and one of the babies gets hurt?  It's a well known thing that fights break out in bars, because people can't handle their liquor and emotions while drinking.  Small children shouldn't be in a bar, period!  When will the bartender's stand up and put an age limit on children allowed in bars?  Maybe the city ordinances should pass a law, actually I suppose that would be the State of Texas.

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