Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Everyone loves to gather around someone playing a guitar and sing along.  You've been there I'm sure and it's very enjoyable.  The person shopping for a  6 string  guitar, can locate just about any design, brand and accessories to make a good buy.  You can click on the above link to do that type of shopping, and make it a special Christmas gift for someone.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dale Jr. Muscle Machines, 67 Nova

This is ready for your purchase, on Ebay.......Some lucky person can receive this for Christmas, this year.

For more information on this 67 Nova, go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/131653145332?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
 and look at the items I have listed on my ebay page.

Make a lucky boy or man happy to open this present.  Buy now, and have it ready for the Christmas Tree.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


You see all these articles, about "What it means to be Black", "What it means to grow up in a Ghetto".  Then there's the other articles that leave out what it means to be "White" in America.  I'm sure this will stir up some strife where I'm concerned, but hell, tell it like it is!
Being white in America, means you are the last one to get a decent job.  It means you get left out when other "races" get special treatments.  It means you work for the other people while your children are doing without.  You are expected to be legal in every aspect and the other's get what you can't.  Their not legal, and most of them don't have jobs.  They are drawing the money that we are paying into the government while we get nothing.  I'm wondering how the middle class can carry such a heavy weight?  Where do you see being "white" an asset, when it comes to living around people who don't respect the fact that you work, pay taxes and they don't?  Do you consider it fair to work your whole life and not have anything to show for?
That's what's happening to the "white's" in America!  Their being left out of what is rightfully theirs!
The dope dealers don't care!  They drive around in their nice expensive vehicles, live in big fancy homes and still draw welfare off the government.  Just go to your county hospital's and have a look at the long lines.  Go to your "Human Resources" offices or your Social Security offices and see what the "white's" see.  Even more so, go to your Post Office's on Friday's and Saturday's and see the lines sending money out of the country.  A certain large grocery/department store chain even gives them the benefit's of sending money out of the country.
Maybe, I'm being a bit hard core, but facts are facts and we are the one's suffering.  Don't even think about what the elderly go through!  That's another story!


I want to congratulate all of the American governmental officials, in their decisions to change the laws of our nation.  As predicted, we have changed our nation and what it stands for, into a joke!  Just look at the "wackos" that are roaming around with guns killing innocent people!  Where do you think our younger generation got these ideas?  Down through the year's you've taken "God" out of our schools, changed the moral standards, and given our land over to alien criminals who hate us.The country that they are robbing of financial benefits and freedoms that it's own citizens can't obtain.
Today, we live in a country where it's ok to walk into a public place and start shooting with assault rifles and hand guns.  Years ago, when the law to be able to protect ourselves was made, there was no consideration of this activity.  Our leaders, considered that "all the American people" loved their country, and considered life to be sacred.  If you look very long at our history, you will see the decline of our moral standards and ways of life.  Here we are in this mess and it's our own faults!  Keep changing our nation, and see what happens!

In correct?

I took my Biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were not the correct answers. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Those Days?

Ever have one of those days, where every game or effort you make falls flat of 2nd place?

  It's been that way all day, where I play my "TX Holdem", and I'm talking 500,000 buy-in's on chips.  I've lost the last 3 games and it's not looking good this time either........damn it!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catalog Shopping

Since 1996, this company has been in the business of finding to most popular and desired catalog's on the market.  They can get you going and  They make a catalolog for anything you can imagine  from sporting goods, travel, clothing, and many other subjects, which I haven't the knowledge to mention.  Should you just want to get on a mailing list, this is the place to research. 
There's the business side of this website, as well.  Want to list your business in one or more of the catalog's?  They've got just the right one's for you and plenty of assistants to guide you through your selections.  Why, go through the drudgery of searching for each and every subject of interest, when this website and get it all for you in a matter of minutes.  Click in the link above and see what I'm talking about.  You'll find a whole new world and fall right into a great trend that's waiting for you, online.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

People at Game Tables

Sit N Go, for example is a game which people buy into for a certain amount and then play 9 players, until one of them rules and wins the game.  You have these "hot shot" players, who try to bully the table, and many times the dealer, gives cards they can win with.  It's the pits when you find this player on all the tables and a decent game is always ruined because of them.  Just saying!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What If?

If 20 million illegal aliens returned 'home', the U.S. Economy would return to the rule of law. Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage. Everyone would pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn't be working off the books. That would result in an additional $401 Billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local, state and city coffers. 

No more push '1' for Spanish or '2' for English. No more confusion in American schools that now must contend with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids. Our overcrowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches. 

We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country. 
I'd just come out of the shop with a meat and potato pie, large chips, mushy peas & a jumbo sausage. A poor homeless man sat there and said 'I've not eaten for two days.' I told him 'I wish I had your will power.' 
I walked past a black kid sitting at a bus stop as I went into the bank.
When I came out, he looked at me and said 'Any Change?' I said 'Nope, you're still black' .
I took my Biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were not the correct answers. 
Snow in the forecast! The TV weather gal said she was expecting 8 inches tonight.
I thought to myself, fat chance with a face like that! 
I hate all this terrorist business. I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or bus and think to yourself," I’m going to take that". 
Years ago it was suggested that an apple a day kept the doctor away.But since all the doctors are now Muslim, I've found that a bacon sandwich works best!
A fat girl served me in McDonald's at lunch time. She said 'sorry about the wait.' I said 'don't worry fatty, you're bound to lose it eventually.' 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ask Yourself This?


I was eating lunch on the 20th of February with my 7 year-old granddaughter and I asked her, "What day is tomorrow?"
She said, "It's President's Day!"
She is a smart kid.
I asked, "What does President's Day mean?"
I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln ... etc.
She replied, "President's Day is when President Obama steps out of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment."
You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Quit It!

You want to stop immigration. Quit hiring them.

 Stop paying them. It's illegal to hire illegals.

Quit hiding them in your churches, in your 

homes, in your businesses.

 Quit buying their women, their drugs and 

their entertainment.

 We do not need the mouth of Trump to

accomplished this.

 We need to be proactive ourselves. 

Quit sharing our resources, start saying no

 and stand on that.

Deportation costs are high and is time 


They will go back on their on if we quit


 the almighty dollar in front of their eyes.

 Quit complaining. Pick up phone and report 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Considering all the equipment used to get a gig going on stage, I think the electronic industry has gone wild.  You see all these different accessories that adapt or accompany the units and wonder which one will work best with your budget?  When searching online for quality equipment, there is the  hybrid audio  interface, that can be considered as part of your purchase.  This website will give you the information you are interested in and show you more quality items as well.

This Mess?

So, it's come to this, the nation is in the middle of a deluge of Presidential candidates?  How, many do you think will get eliminated in the first round?  I'm sure the financial situation with cause a few to bite the dust before long.  One we won't have to worry about having the financial backing is Mr. Trump!  He's well set financially and that means a long hard fought battle, with him right in the middle of things.
I'm up for discussion......who do you think will win?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dance Duffles

How cool to have your own  personalized dance duffles to carry your shoes, towels and change of clothing.  This website personalizes your bag so you can find it right where it belongs.  Hopefully, you will have a locker to place your bag in to save any of those problems.  Everyone will be envious and want one of their own.  Order yours today, at the link in this post.

Monday, July 27, 2015


I want to congratulate all of the American governmental officials, in their decisions to change the laws of our nation.  As predicted, we have changed our nation and what it stands for, into a joke!  Just look at the "wackos" that are roaming around with guns killing innocent people!  Where do you think our younger generation got these ideas?  Down through the year's you've taken "God" out of our schools, changed the moral standards, and given our land over to alien criminals who hate us.The country that they are robbing of financial benefits and freedoms that it's own citizens can't obtain.
Today, we live in a country where it's ok to walk into a public place and start shooting with assault rifles and hand guns.  Years ago, when the law to be able to protect ourselves was made, there was no consideration of this activity.  Our leaders, considered that "all the American people" loved their country, and considered life to be sacred.  If you look very long at our history, you will see the decline of our moral standards and ways of life.  Here we are in this mess and it's our own faults!  Keep changing our nation, and see what happens!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I was just thinking about the upcoming election for President of this USA!  Have you noticed the amount of contenders already jumping into the race?  Will there be enough votes to go around, when they get through?  What about the "electoral votes"?  Will they get stretched from one to another?  I have a bad feeling about this coming race!  "Mess", won't even sum up what this is going to turn out to be.  I was just wondering???????????

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AMERICA John Wayne Style

This is Actor John Wayne's idea of America.......

Medical Company Lending

The trend of today and tomorrow for undercapitalized businesses has developed into working with financial companies such as  medical company lending from 1stCommercialCredit.com which gives an added benefits for expansion.  It comes as no surprise when a business grow so fast that it's finances can't keep up.  This is where and how a financial lending credit company can assist your to expand beyond your present state.  They will  evaluate a client's business assets as its primary focus to establish the borrowing base.
That is how you get far greater borrowing power than can be achieved from a traditional cash flow banking approach due to their expertise in industry specialization.  
While visiting this website, I saw the different advantages they offer a growing business, and it makes sense to investigate their services.  Click on the link above and research this website for more information about the company.


This weekend we honor such brave men and women who serve our country on behalf of it’s people and government.  To all the brave soldier's who have served, are serving and are no longer with us, we the American people………say…….Thanks!
Today, America pauses to remember our military, both present and past.  It is our honor to have had your service and devotion..... May our Lord be with you always…….
EAGLE FLAG Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy 4th

Remembering our freedom reasons......

Remember on the 4th

Once again I post this in remembrance and hope this is a part of what our 4th of July festivities will contain?

Friday, June 26, 2015


I've notice the advancement of products in the music world.  It seems more and more companies are developing unique brands of instruments.  The  cremona violin  listed in the link here, is no exception.  Those of you in the music world will be more acquainted with this brand of violin.  I will need a good look at the website to inform myself about it's qualities.  If your interested in this brand, then look under the link posted here and shop freely.

What Would George.......

SAME SEX MARRIAGE????????????  
What would George Washington.......say???????????

Thursday, June 25, 2015


You could say I was just about spitting "nails", this morning when I looked at my "Paypal" account..  For two days in a row, it has been hacked by assholes who prey upon unsuspecting people online.  This has caused me plenty of anxiety because of the financial situation I am limited to each month.  Living on "Social Security" income has become a way of life, since I am now considered a "senior citizen".  Therefore, there is limited cash flow each month to survive on and I find myself working for crumbs from websites to get extra cash.  This has left me wide open to these online hacker assholes.  Now, I don't even have trust in the one place I felt safe.  It's not their fault that I became lax with my personal information.  Yet, I considered them to be a safe place to transfer my monies.  I'm very pissed at the assholes who hacked my account.  If I knew who you were, I would file criminal charges against you and make your life as full of hell as mine has been in the last two days.  You would not get access to another computer the rest of your mean life.  Asshole!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I got hacked this morning, by 3 different sites.  They hit my "Paypal" account and then sent a debit to one of my bank accounts.  This was to the amount of $400 when I caught it.  So, watch out and keep a close look on your emails and financial accounts!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I wonder.....how many of you are as tired of this crap of racial rioting, shootings, looting, arson's, police attacks and other happenings as I am?  
How much more are we the American people going to deal with?  This shit is getting out of hand and you know it!  Next time it may be your child, father, mother, brother, sister or someone you don't even know.  Still, if the crap keeps up, there most certainly will be a next time, repeatedly.  You can't even drive down the road in peace, without fear of pissing someone off and getting involved in "road rage" traps.  This world we're living in is going to hell fast!  Damn it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Man, what a bunch of crap!  I play TX Holdem on a certain website/network and some days it just doesn't pay to get on it.  I can have a good hand and I'll be damned if someone won't come up with one better.  So, I get over on the "Sit N Go" table where you can control the amount you anti, and maybe it will be better????  What was I thinking?  Just one of the days where I shoot myself in the foot on almost every hand!  I sure am glad it's not real money I'm using!  I'd be broke before the second hand came around.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You Tell Me?

Here He/She Is....


Give me a  f   king break..........this damn man needs attention so bad he has a sex operation and now they are making him out to be beautiful as well?  What the hell is wrong with this world, today?  I can't believe what you expect our children who will grow up tomorrow, to think about how life is supposed to be lived.  Role models have gone down the drain, with everything else.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strap Button

Remember watching the guitar player take his shoulder strap off in a hurry?  It's a bit easier when they have a  acoustic strap button  to release the strap from the guitar.  I'm not real sure how you would install one, but I know the clerks at the online store under the link in this post can give you the assistance you need.  They can also assist you with your order and give you quotes on prices plus shipping.  Search the link in this post and see what else they offer in the way of equipment.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

AWW Come On Now?

It's just the same old game...........getting attention!  If a child doesn't get good attention, then they will get bad attention.  Same with all these so-called celebrities!  Now, Bruce Jenner needs attention to tell the world that he's made himself/herself into a woman????  Go figure?  What the hell do we need to know for?  So, he's taking hormones, having a sex change and boob implants????????  Oh yeah, and letting his hair grow long to take on the effect of a woman.  Most of all, why is he telling us?  Is he advertising his sexuality so that other men will notice him and he can have a relationship, with a man?  Hell, there are many MEN already doing that and not having the sex change!  :) What a laugh!  He's just like the rest of his family.........putting their business out on the streets!  Whoopee, I'm SO DAMN IMPRESSED!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I've seen them strum a guitar, but everyone knows you get better quality when using a pick.  As with most products you have certain suppliers, who put their names out there to sell a brand.  Here you find one of those with  john petrucci picks  that are made by the company who endorses him.  I noticed a box of 24 being advertised, so that means you don't have to go looking for your pick.  Just reach down in your case and open the box to get you another one.  Simple!


A  Mexican, an Arab,
and a  Texas girl are
in the same bar.  
When the  Mexican
finishes his beer,
he throws his glass
in the air, pulls out
his pistol, and shoots
the glass  to pieces.
He says, 'In Mexico ,
our glasses are so
cheap we don't  need
to drink with the same one twice.'
The  Arab, obviously
impressed by this,
drinks non-alcohol beer
(cuz he's a muslim!),
throws it into the
air, pulls out his
AK-47, and shoots
the glass to pieces.
He says, 'In the
Arab World, we have
so much sand to make
glasses that we don't
need to drink with
the same one twice either.'
The  Texas  girl,
cool as a cucumber,
picks up her beer,
downs it in one gulp,  
throws the glass into
the air, whips out her
45, and shoots the  
Mexican and the Arab.
Catching her glass,
setting it on the bar, and  calling for a refill,
she says,
'In  Texas , 
we have so many
illegal aliens that
we don't have to
drink with the  same ones twice.'   
God Bless TEXAS

Have You Seen This?

Charlie's wife, Lucy, had been after him for several weeks to paint the seat on their toilet.  Finally, he got around to doing it while Lucy was out.  After finishing, he left to take care of another matter before she returned. 

She came in and undressed to take a shower.  Before getting in the shower, she sat on the toilet.  As she tried to stand up, she realized that the not-quite-dry epoxy paint had glued her to the toilet seat. 

About that time, Charlie got home and realized her predicament.  They both pushed and pulled without any success whatsoever.  Finally, in desperation, Charlie undid the toilet seat bolts.  Lucy wrapped a sheet around herself and Charlie drove her to the hospital emergency room. 

The ER Doctor got her into a position where he could study how to free her (Try to get a mental picture of this.).  Lucy tried to lighten the embarrassment of it all by saying, "Well, Doctor, I'll bet you've never seen anything like this before." 

The Doctor replied, "Actually, I've seen lots of them.  I just never saw one mounted and framed."

Monday, February 16, 2015

Good Amps

Anyone knows that without amps, you just can't make good music.  That's what happens in large areas, anyway.  When performing for a crowd, musician's need good strong amps to supply volume to the sounds.  You can shop for  amps on sale  at the website under the link in this post.  They will ship to the address you give them, once your purchase has been finalized.

Last Year

This was last year, when Daytona 500 began, and Nascar fans eyes were glued to the TV screens.
Next Sunday, will be the race for the 500 this year and I know of at least one man who's eyes will be glued to the TV in our house.  

Jeff Gordon, won the pole for next Sunday's race and Jimmy Johnson took second on the pole for the beginning of the race, in qualifying this weekend.  

Baby Showers

There's always a time to enjoy shopping for baby items.  You can always be ready when the baby shower at work is scheduled.  I've noticed that many babies are born in the spring and summer months.  Guess, their parents were snuggling, during the cold winter months?
Getting ready for a new baby, takes on a whole different way to look at your world.  There's so many things to get purchased in the few months you have to prepare.  A new baby requires items that you have to make a checklist for, because it's easy to forget or overlook the smaller things.  I remember making my checklist and if you are scheduling one for a lady, then get help with  checklist for baby showers online website.  They have the convenient way to do it and you can have it all right at your fingers touch, in a matter of seconds.  Try this quick easy way, by clicking on the link in this post.


Man, it's just the pits, living in the North Texas areas, when the weather takes a turn for the worse!  If  it's not violent storms of some sort, then it's horrible heat.
Today, it is cold, in the 30's and they predict snow!  Two days ago, it was in the 80's, the sun was shinning , birds singing, the trees budding and spring flowers are blooming.  Can you imagine what will happen to my peach trees, since they already have buds, forming blooms?  Texas weather!  If you don't like it, wait 30 minutes, it will change.  Today, I don't think so!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I'm sure you love a drawer that sticks and when you yank on it, the contents come falling out along with the drawer.  Here's a quick easy solution to the problem.  You click on the link in this post to  full extension drawer slides at ovis  for information, concerning the purchase of a type of slide.  Measuring your drawers and having the lengths will help you make your decision about the purchase.  Find out how to install these slides at the same website.

My Big Mouth

Yes, my big mouth doing the talking got me into picking up these pecans.
Now, I have to shell the suckers and put some up in the freezer.  It's funny how, while your shelling them, you can slip a half in your mouth, so easy.  I love pecans, and those pecan pies really pack the pounds on my body.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

NC Insurance

Burrlington, NC, is home to the  don allred insurance company where you can get the best quotes, for your needs.  People in that local area find it just as necessary as the people here in my area, to obtain insurance coverage for liability and protection during accidents and disasters.  For a quote that will cover the needs of your family or business, try the website under the link in this post.  You'll get exactly what you need, if you do.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bills! Bills!

I'm so tired of damn bills!  Every way I turn there's something to take money I need for other things.  Now, there's a water leak and it will need to be fixed, so if it isn't one thing, it's another.  When will I be able to just enjoy a few bills and have extra money?  Never, I'm sure!

Monday, February 2, 2015


It looks as though the young generation just can't handle money, fame and the life that goes along with it.  The late Houston's, daughter Bobbie, has now found the same demise as her famous mother.  It's sad to see these things play out down through the years.  You know that it takes a strong person to live in the sight of cameras daily, and still maintain a sense of value and quality life.  Someone so young can be overwhelmed by the pressures that comes from this type of life.
My condolences to the family and friends who once again watch along her bedside as she makes her progression or regression of life.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Angels and Football?

Here is one of the Super Bowl ads that will be played somewhere around the 4th quarter of the game!  I suppose they will need a little boost to get through the last quarter......right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


No need for revenge......
Just sit back and wait.........
Those who hurt you will
eventually screw up themselves 
and if your lucky......
God will let you watch.........

Put It There

samich Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh my God, what will he do next.........? There's no way his mouth can fit over that........! Time for a knife and fork........!  Looks like he's already had a few of those things.....judging from the size of his face and body.........can you imagine?

Ha Ha

 A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him.
The waitress asks them for their orders.
The man says, "A hamburger, fries and a coke," and turns to the ostrich, "What's yours?"
"I'll have the same," says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress returns with the order.  "That will be $9.40 please."  The man reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change for payment.
The next day, the man and the ostrich come again and the man says, "A hamburger, fries and a coke.."
 The ostrich says, "I'll have the same.."
 Again the man reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change.

This becomes routine until the two enter again. "The usual?" asks the waitress.
"No, this is Friday night, so I will have a steak, baked potato and a salad," says the man.
 "Same," says the ostrich.
Shortly the waitress brings the order and says, "That will be $32.62."
Once again the man pulls the exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table.

The waitress cannot hold back her curiosity any longer.  "Excuse me, sir.  How do you manage to always come up with the exact change in your pocket every time?"

"Well," says  the man, "several years ago I was cleaning the attic and found an old lamp.  When I rubbed it, a Genie appeared and offered me two wishes.   My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money  would always be there."

 "That's  brilliant!" says the waitress..  "Most  people would ask for a million dollars or something, but you'll always be as rich as you want for as long as you live!"

"That's right.  Whether it's a gallon of milk or a Rolls Royce, the exact money is always there," says the man..
The waitress asks, "What's with the ostrich?"

The man sighs, pauses and answers, "My second wish was for a tall chick with a big butt and long legs who agrees with everything I say.."

Fireplace Grates

I noticed that my fireplace grates are getting a bit worn, from the heat of the fires we've been building.  Some areas of our country are much colder than ours and I'm sure the fireplaces get more use.  It's always good to keep your home furnishings in top shape for the coming seasons.
Cold weather leaves little time to stock up and revamp certain units that will be needed for comfort and support.  The good thing about online websites with stores, is you can shop from your home and have everything shipped in no time at all.
You might think about shopping for your fireplace accessories and needs at the  Fireplace Grates at Northline Express  link in this post.  I visited the website and found many different items which can be purchased to enhance or replace your standard fireplace.  The grates are listed in different sizes and naturally have prices equal to the quality and sizes.  Give this online store a look and I'm sure you will be amazed at the designs they offer.

My Post

Hi Nita Watson,

Your content has been published on Associated Content from Yahoo!.

Planting by the Moon


Monday, January 19, 2015


I wonder what it would be like to visit a  Pen Factory  and observe what goes on behind the scenes.  The intricate parts and molds needed to make one pen, is far beyond our imaginations.  There's so many different styles to make and with it comes all the different schematics for each design.  Wow, what a big mess you would see on just one table of construction.  I've seen all different types of pens and believe me, it's not something to contend with if you don't know what is involved in making such designs.
There's the advertising style pens which will give you a business logo and phone number.  There's all types of designs to choose from along with the colors you wish.  I'm sure there's plenty of sales personnel to assist you with your orders and look at the shipping you get with your orders!  I'd say, this online website is just what the doctor ordered when looking to find a great deal.


Beer contains female hormones!
Yes, that's right, FEMALE hormones!

Last month, Montreal University and scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a concerned look at their beer consumption.
The theory is that beer contains female hormones (hops contain Phytoestrogens) and that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.

To test the theory, 100 men each drank 8 schooners
of beer within a one (1) hour period. 

It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects,
yes, 100% of all these men:
1) Argued over nothing.

2) Refused to apologize when obviously wrong.
3) Gained weight.

4) Talked excessively without making sense.

5) Became overly emotional

6) Couldn't drive.

7) Failed to think rationally, and
8) Had to sit down while urinating. 
No further testing was considered necessary!

Send this to the men you know
to warn them about drinking too much beer! 


Smell Good!

I'm sure you've gone to a department store where cosmetics are sold.  Shopping for items such as  perfume atomizers  can be confusing to say the least.  This brand or that brand, there are so many to choose from.  I actually don't go to those stores anymore.  It's just too much of a hassle, when I can shop online right here, by clicking on the above link.  Do so, and you will find many things to purchase for your fancy!


SCHOOLS OUT!  Just about the only good thing that I ever got from this holiday!  Then when I was on the job it turn out to be a paid holiday!  Wow,  I just couldn't understand how he got more acclaim than so many other politician's and hero's who deserved it?  George Washington, doesn't even get that acclaim, and we don't get a paid holiday for his birthday.  Go figure!


Looking for insurance in today's world, can be overwhelming.  There are so many things to know about the coverage you need and what type of premiums you will need to pay.  There's an  agent for health coverage  that will help you with several quotes to meet your requirements for healthcare coverage.  Click on the above link in this post and do some searching for your healthcare benefits package.

Karma's a Bitch

The Texas nation, were elated to see the demise of the Green Bay Packers yesterday.  It's as if they knew it would happen and then it did.  Looks like they won't make it to the Super Bowl after all..........lol, poor Packers!
Yes, it's the final and the Super Bowl is ahead, with the Seahawks and Patriots going head to head to win the title.  I never thought they would be the one's in the Bowl, but here they are and soon we'll see who goes home with the rings and trophy!
Are you ready for some football?

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Everyone knows that a band without a sax is just empty.  The mellow tones that come from this instrument is rich and full of harmony.  Finding a good quality  yamaha baritone saxophone  for a great price is sometimes hard to do.  Shop at the link in this post to see all the different items this website has to offer.  You can get shipping for these items and if your' lucky, there will be plenty of sales to enjoy.

He'll Win?

If you ever testify in court, you might wish you
could have been as sharp as this policeman. He
was being cross-examined by a defense attorney
during a felony trial. The lawyer was trying to
undermine the police officer's credibility...

'Officer -- did you see my client fleeing the

'No sir. But I subsequently observed a person
matching the description of the offender,
running several blocks away.'

'Officer -- who provided this description?'

'The officer who responded to the

'A fellow officer provided the description of
this so-called offender. Do you trust your
fellow officers?'
'Yes, sir. With my life.'

'With your life? Let me ask you this then
officer. Do you have a room where you change
your clothes in preparation for your daily
'Yes sir, we do!'

'And do you have a locker in the room?'

'Yes sir, I do.'

'And do you have a lock on your locker?'

'Yes sir.'

'Now why is it, officer, if you trust your
fellow officers with your life, you find it
necessary to lock your locker in a room you
share with these same officers?'

'You see, sir -- we share the building with the
court complex, and sometimes lawyers have been
known to walk through that room.'

courtroom EXPLODED with laughter, and a
prompt recess was called. The officer on the
stand has been nominated for this year's 'Best
Comeback' line -- and we think he'll

Gift Items

Novelty items needed for certain holidays, comes ready from the  christmasplace.com  website.  You can go online and shop for such things to make your celebrations rich and full of the life that is taking place.  Here you can get what you purchase, shipped to your address in reasonable time.  Sometimes, these website's have free shipping over a certain limited purchase.  There are sales which can be of benefit to you as well.

Athiest Do It Again

This photo was taken from an article by GOPUSA. I hope to borrow it to express my idea's about what happened in the town of King, NC as a result to athiests attack against our beliefs.  The town has liability insurance which would have been affected if the lawyers who represent the town were to fight the court case.  Once again these idiots win a case using their civil rights as a reason!  What about the soldier's rights to have that respect?  Give me a break!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mother's Rings

Year's back I received a mother's ring designed by me, from my oldest son.  It included 5 stones, which symbolized each child's birth stone.  The center stone of my  mothers ring  was the purple amethyst for my youngest child and was surrounded by the other stones, which left the youngest child the notion of being protected by the others.  For a special gift to give Mom, see what this website can offer in special designs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


That seems to be the trend lately for the Dallas Cowboy's!  Same old shit different, day!  Consistent in loosing is part of the jokes when talking about "the boy's!"  It's a sad thing that they have been down trodden for so many years and become a joke in the circles of football.
The fans have held on even in the face of defeat and it was time for our fans to get the good feeling again.  They did for most of the season, but still fell to defeat along with the Cowboy's and that's not funny!  The even worse part of this is the feeling the actual players are feeling today.  But I suppose all those nice millions that they are making, can ease the pain, somewhat!