Saturday, April 25, 2015

AWW Come On Now?

It's just the same old game...........getting attention!  If a child doesn't get good attention, then they will get bad attention.  Same with all these so-called celebrities!  Now, Bruce Jenner needs attention to tell the world that he's made himself/herself into a woman????  Go figure?  What the hell do we need to know for?  So, he's taking hormones, having a sex change and boob implants????????  Oh yeah, and letting his hair grow long to take on the effect of a woman.  Most of all, why is he telling us?  Is he advertising his sexuality so that other men will notice him and he can have a relationship, with a man?  Hell, there are many MEN already doing that and not having the sex change!  :) What a laugh!  He's just like the rest of his family.........putting their business out on the streets!  Whoopee, I'm SO DAMN IMPRESSED!

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