Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday's Are Upon Us

Here they come, ready or not.............Are you ready?
The world shoves
Christmas down our throats, before Halloween is even over. This year I noticed that they haven't even made an effort to mention Thanksgiving. I suppose it because the stores really aren't making very much money off selling food. They are looking to the big stuff........"TOYS"! Thank God, I'm not a young parent, who is struggling to make ends meet and facing Christmas. It's not going to be easy for many households, this year. So many are without work and unable to find it. I can remember having to work at two different restaurants weekly, in order just to try and make ends meet when my children were small. Being a single mom, was very hard even back then. Today's world has made things even harder and it's not getting any better.
We the
American people will see just how good Obama, does to aide our people, in comparison to what he says he's going to do. I saw him on the TV last evening and he's already looking tired. I guess the last two years have finally taken their toll on the young man.

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