Sunday, December 14, 2008


You know it would be so nice if I was as smart as some of these people who offer this type of service. I’m sure that my blogs would be doing much better, if I just knew how to do this type of thing. It’s very hard to know about conversion rate optimization I didn’t go to college and take computer technology. Still it would help I’m sure, if I had enough sense to make my blogs become up to date with this optimization.
I have opted for a different form of blogging, and get paid to blog even if it's just a small amount of money, it still adds up. Writing reviews and advertisements has become a way of life with me. I really enjoy working for websites on the internet and getting paid for it. Each website has it's own rules and regulations, for blogs and bloggers. It's possible that they will accept, certain types of blogs and reject the others. I found this to be true with some of my blogs, so I work with the types of blogs that are approved.
Many websites' want you to write a certain amount of words with a link to the website you are writing about. There are other posts that will contain, not only a link and words, but will include a picture or banner to advertise their products. I've notice that it depends on how much the company advertising, offers to pay, in comparison to what you think you should get for the work. I find that writing for different companies has given me insight into many different worlds, businesses, and cultures. I enjoy writing and will continue as long as I'm allowed to connect with this type of paying websites. Check out PayingPost.com and see if you can enjoy writing posts that make a difference in today's world. The best part of it all, is getting paid for what you do.

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