Friday, July 1, 2011

Melted Lipstick

What a mess you have when you reach down into your purse and feel something gooey .  You can only imagine the worst and a handful of lipstick all over your purse and other items is one of the biggest.  I found exactly that when a lid came off in my purse and it was in the sun too long.  I realize that it didn't take the sun to make the mess.  The sun just added to the mess.  So, it's find a place that I can pour out all the stuff without making more of a mess.  Then I must see what can be salvaged and that's not much.  Naturally, that purse is headed for the trash can and I must find another to hold my items.

1 comment:

unikorna said...

I really hope it wasn't one of those expensive purses Louis Vuiton or some other brand :). Lovely blog..kisses (without any lipstick on).