Sunday, July 29, 2012


You know the ones.......they come to your house and sit around looking hungry.  The subject comes up and they jump right on it.  Needless to say, they aren't there to offer to take you out for dinner.  They are expecting you to cook them dinner or take them out to eat. 
Then there are those, who go to local bars and sit around looking at people in hopes of getting a free suds.  They don't have any money to buy beer or a drink but will buy a coke or sprite in order to be able to sit there and wait.  Those looks they give each person that walks through the door irks me to no end.  Don't have any free food sitting out because they will be the first one's in line to help their plate. 
I know of one person who is such a lush when it comes to food that, the bartender had warmed a plate she had brought from home for her dinner while she worked.  In walked a customer, so she left it sitting on top of the bar, while she went to serve the new customer.  When she came back around to where her food was, there sat that person chowing down on her food.  Mind you, this person didn't ask if they could have it, and if it was there for patrons to eat.  Oh and your lucky if this person will ever give you a tip........mostly never.

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