Thursday, May 9, 2013


I guess we have another "octo mom" going around our family?  It looks as though the person who last year gave birth to my great grand daughter, is pregnant again.  She's going to college, and my grandson is not being faithful to her.  So, why get pregnant with a child he must not want.  She had all this type things happening when she was pregnant with the last child?  He went around telling people it wasn't his, even then.  After she made a big stink online about how he was acting, he settled down for awhile, came back to her and tried to make it.  I wonder does she think that putting extra responsibility on him is a way to keep him tied to her?  If he's been running around on her all this time, she's leaving herself wide open for possible "STDS", should he contract it from someone.  There's no fun in being around Mom & Dad, when they are fighting.  This has been a way of life with them and they need to see how it's affecting the kids.
My grandson, isn't grown up enough to realize this and won't be for a long time.  This all happened too soon for him to digest.  His limited capacity for understanding life impairs the situation as well. You just can't hold on to a man, by putting more responsibility on him.  That makes him run away faster.

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