Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's The Pits

You know your spouse/boyfriend is coming home..........so, you get all spruced up, shave your legs, douche, a dab of perfume, and put on something sexy.  Are you ready for the let down?  It's coming believe me!  It's happened to me so many times, I can't count.  I thought women were the one's who were supposed to "have a headache"?  I thought we were the one's that were to be too tired, not feeling well, or not interested?  Give me a f--king break, it's not always us women.  You guys come home to the same woman, day after day and think she's just something you can take for granted to be there waiting.  You don't think you have to do anything to keep us happy, but work and come home.  Oh yeah, well have you got a rude awakening!  You want us to have the "hots" for you, and yet you just lay there.  Oh yes, I believe that's what you say we do!  EXCUSE ME!  Have you ever made the effort to arouse us?  Why, is it that you think that totally our job?  Remember, we have sexual needs too and  your not the only one in this relationship that needs to be satisfied!  Come on, fess up!  Do you really think you getting there and getting your needs met is the only thing you need to do?  WTF, am I doing here, then?  You can handle that for $20 on some street hoe!  Don't insult my love and use it as a sign of weakness.  You'll come up on the loosing end of this deal!

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