Monday, September 17, 2012

Darn Cat

She comes in the room and meows at me.  I ask her what she wants and go to see where she's taking off to.  She stops in front of her feeding bowl, which she has just empties on 20 minutes ago.  No, now this is not going to work.  I'm not feeding her again this soon.  So I ask her if she wants to go outside and open the door for her.  She just sits there and looks off the other way.  Once again I tell her "outside"?  She takes off running to the front room.  Now, I'm pissed and follow her through the house bitching her out the whole way.
I get to the front door, open it and give her a stern "outside".  She takes off out the door, in a scurry doing her best to get out of my way. 

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