Saturday, March 9, 2013

Damn It

How dysfunctional is this?  You meet for the first time, you really hit it off, even though both of you are in a bar drinking?  He flips his wig for you from the start.  Hey, it's looking good to you too.  Realizing that you need to get home, and making sure he has your number is a good idea.  Suddenly, he wants to be with you that night.  Oh hell no!  Too soon you say.  He's going with the friend that he came with and pick up his truck, then be on over to your place.  Now, you have got to be kidding?  But you leave anyway, thinking that this is just a fluke.  Before you can make it to your home, he's already burning up you cell phone.  Wow!  Scary too.  So, since you don't talk on your phone while driving you let it go to voice mail.  Hence, a message, another call comes through......and so it goes.
When you finally make it home and get in the door you return his call.  He's all up in arms to come where you are.  Fast thinking and fast talking are all that's going to save you.  So, you tell him "no not tonight", we've both been drinking let's just cool it.  He persists and you finally have to remind him about the cops and how they can be that time of night, that he don''t need that.  Well, you finally calm him down and after a few minutes you say goodnight.  Whew!

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