Friday, January 24, 2014

Do What?

So, were laying there in bed, it's around 11pm at night.  We are almost asleep, well I'm almost asleep.  He's already asleep.  His cell phone rings, and then when he doesn't answer, it rings again.  Still he doesn't answer, because he doesn't want to talk to anyone, when trying to sleep.  Not to mention he had to get up at 4am the next morning for work.  Still it rings again, and by now we've figured it's his sister, doing what she always does, when drinking.  So, just in case there's a problem, he goes on and answers it.
Oh well, that was not what should have happened.  She starts off ranting about their mom driving her crazy and then, the subject suddenly switches to me.  Are you still with that "old woman", "that old woman"?  Oh no she didn't!  I went ballistic and yelled into to phone, "thanks a lot"!  He's laying there wondering what to say, and she's like, OMG have you got me on speaker phone?  No, he answers, she's laying right here beside me in the bed.  I can hear just fine thank you, were the next words that came out of my mouth, and out of the bed I pounced.  Heading to the bathroom to get away from it all, so I wouldn't say anything else that might cause a family problem.
First of all this damn woman doesn't know me, she's never met me and it's none of her damn business if he and I are having a relationship, if we are happy.  Who does she think she is to talk about me like that?  I admit that I am older than him, but that's not an issue with us.  We are together because we want to be and we are trying to keep our relationship going in a good direction.  Who is she to decide that he's letting himself down by being with an older woman? 
He thought I was mad at him, but actually I would have tried to rip her head off had she been standing in front of me. 
Misery loves company and she's so miserable that she wants others to be miserable too.  I feel sorry for her, but I never want to meet her, NOW!

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