Sunday, January 5, 2014

Men Don't Take Care

Call it macho or whatever, but I can't understand how men can push away their health until it's too late?  Especially the male part of their physical beings.  They go and go, while working, eating and playing on a daily basis, but they fall short when it comes to taking care of their male anatomy.
It seems that after they have been in a relationship for while, the sexual desire diminishes and the woman is left out in a dry area of desolation.  Feeling left alone and uncared for, we go our separate ways to find some satisfaction.  Scary at times and yet necessary because of our needs.  Why can't the men see that they have exactly what they need there waiting at home, instead of going to other sources?  I guess when the new wears off they get tired of the same thing and want something different to charge the excitement.  Damn it, give the one you said you loved a darn chance and see if she might be interested in a different way of doing things.  It could give you a whole new way of enjoying each other.
Oh by the way.  Most doctors will tell you that abstinence, can cause prostrate problems if you don't use it.  Just a little hint there guys!

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