Monday, January 11, 2016


They say that you need to rev up your metabolism to burn those unwanted "love handles".  I wish it were only the love handles, that need to be burned.  I have a butt that is cresting on being able to sit a plate on.  The legs and thighs don't leave must to get excited about either.
Recently, I began noticing certain ways of making the metabolism work for me.  I did research about the use of protein, along with exercise.
Now, being my age, you know that I can't get out there on the floor and do that fast "cardio" stuff you see in videos.  So, I searched for something more to my style and body's needs.  Starting off slow and building with each routine, was the idea.
I see nothing at present because I haven't really gotten the routine down as yet and haven't been sticking to the efforts, needed for success.  My goal is to work up to that part, slowly! ")

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