Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Days

What a beautiful sunny morning.  It's one of those days that the world looks so perfect.  The temps are not what we would like, but what can you expect of winter days?  Yesterday, being one of the "weekend days", was cloudy and cold.  It seems to happen this way on a weekend and during the work week the days are sunny and nice. 
Texas, has had a very weird winter, this year at the very start.  It ended 2015, with a bang of weather's blast.  We don't relish another holiday like the last one and hope that type of weather stays away from now on.
Our house seems to be colder on the inside than it is when you go outdoors.  Now, how can that be?  I suppose the insulation is not what we need for protection from the cold.  Yet, you would think, that if it's nice and warm outdoors, it would be the same inside?  Understand that one.

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