Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let Down

It's the same old thing, you get a promise from someone, that they will do a certain task.  You wait for the amount of time needed for this person, to do it and let you know it's done.  You, still haven't seen any effort or results on the subject.  Finally, you give up and make contact with the person.  Oh they haven't gotten around to it yet, or they've been so busy lately, that it just hasn't been on their list to get done.
Now, why did they tell you they would do it, if they had no intention of getting it done in a timely manner.  I mean like, hey, lets save some face here!  
Certain projects, need to be done, and when another person offers to do it as a favor, then why do they forget to make the favor good?  It just amazes me, how lazy and superficial people can be when it comes to backing up their word.
There was a time, when a man's word was his "honor"!  Another scared lost art!

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