Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Grand Daughter

If she can do it, you and I can do it.  Hey, people this was 3 years ago, when she started the journey.  I know how hard it can be to see yourself, in the "Before" photos, but the rewarding part is the "After" photos.  http://nitawatson44.EatLessFeelFull.com

Christie Cavender's photo.
          AFTER                                          BEFORE
Just look at how far she's come!  I promise you it hasn't been easy and she goes to the gym many times a week.  Hey, she's healthy and she knows it, the part that she's also beautiful, is added benefits.  :)
I'm showing you this because she did this the hard way, and suffered a lot of pain during the process.  Had she been on the Skinny Body Care program, I'm sure things would have been much easier, for her.  Also, it probably would have progressed much faster.  Either way, it can be done, and this is why I'm posting this.  EFFORT, is the main word, and if you don't make the effort, then nothing will ever happen.

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