Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did Palin Have Trig?

Do you think that the 17 year old daughter Bristol, is the mother of Trig? Palin, says that Trig is her own son, born in April of this year. If Trig was born in April 2008 and her daughter is considered to be 5 months pregnant now, then something's not right. I can count better than that.
Bristol Palin , the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice ...

If you think it's a lie, then why hasn't anyone, gotten in contact with the personal doctor of Palin, to find out if in fact she was pregnant last year? It's very easy to find out if someone was pregnant in a certain year.
Even her cabinet that has worked closely with her during her governorship, would be able to verify this bit of information. I realize that this information is confidential, but public documents at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, shouldn't have been fixed. If that's the case, then there's something wrong with this picture.
One other question? Why is it that Palin, leaves the top 2 or 3 buttons open on her blouses? Is this discreet enough for a woman, in a government office?

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madamspud169 said...

Does it really matter if she has one, two or three buttons open?
Surely what should be important is how she works and what she believes in & works for not whether she is up to date fashionable or not. As for the amount of buttons open maybe it's for comfort on a hot day or maybe the fact people think it's important is just another male with sexist thinking.

Anonymous said...

Ask an Alaskan if she was pregnant in office. From what I can see, it was funny she was running for governor while pregnant.

My question to you is ~ how come that matters?

Not a negative question, I just see so many theories and such going around I wonder why people care so much about it?